Debunking the Most Common Hair Conditioner Myths

Do you think you know everything there is to know about hair conditioner? This product that you use — or should use — every day is actually a bit more complex than you might think. In fact, you might have some completely false ideas about this valuable hair product designed to keep your hair healthy, manageable, and shiny. Here are some of the most common myths about conditioner.

You Should Only Condition the Tips of Your Hair

This is completely false! You should condition your hair from root to tip. While split ends only occur on the ends of your hair, of course, the entire length of each strand can be exposed to damage. From sunlight to coloring and even your blow dryer, there are so many things that damage your hair from root to tip. Apply conditioner along the entirety of each strand. Products like keratin deep conditioner that work deep into your hair, target weak areas, and soothe your scalp won’t work if you’re only applying them to the tips of your locks.

Conditioner’s Unnecessary

Some people think that shampoo is enough treatment for your hair. Sure, shampoo cleans your hair and may even have some beneficial properties, like helping to restore damage, but conditioner goes that extra mile. For example, argan oil conditioner gives your hair a dose of daily, all-natural moisture that makes it feel smooth and look healthy. You can even shop online for all-natural anti-frizz conditioner that makes your hair more manageable and less fussy when it’s humid or hot outside. Shampoo alone won’t accomplish the same results of healthy, soft, shiny hair.

Conditioner Is Bad for Your Hair

There’s a common misconception that conditioner is bad for your hair. Either it causes hair follicles to fall out, or it makes your hair greasy and sticky. If you’re experiencing any of these problems, it’s not the act of conditioning your hair that’s causing them — it’s the product you’re using! Try all-natural alternatives like shea butter conditioner that soften your hair without the harsh chemical side effects.

And by the way, you naturally lose hair every day, even if you’re not experiencing total hair loss. This is completely natural. In fact, conditioner can actually slow the process of hair loss. If your conditioner is making your hair greasy, you may be using one that’s too strong for your hair type. Those with fine or thinning hair should use a lighter conditioner that won’t contribute to oil buildup.

Brushing Hair

Conditioning Only Offers Short-Term Benefits

When you condition your hair in the shower or bath, the product goes right to work supplying nutrients to your hair and improving its look and feel. But it doesn’t just work in the shower. Good conditioner continues to protect and nourish your hair long after you rinse it away.

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