Water and Wellness: Why Hydration Matters

How much water do we need?

The fact that our bodies are roughly 60% water alone should be enough of a reason to prioritize hydration, and yet so few people drink the recommended amount of water each day. It doesn’t help that the recommended amount is different depending on who you ask—is it 8 cups? 90 ounces? 3 liters? A gallon?

Mayo Clinic suggests 3.7 liters of fluid for men and 2.7 liters for women. That number may seem overwhelming, but it includes water from food sources, like fruits and vegetables, and other beverages. And considering that every component of your body needs water to function properly, and that even mild dehydration can negatively impact your energy, brain function, mood, and physical capacity, hitting your fluid intake goal should be high on your to-do list.

Need some tips to up your hydration game? Look no further!

Treat yo’self.

Get a cool water bottle that you’ll want to use, and put it in a visible location during the day as a reminder to drink.

Make it tasty.

Infuse your water with fruit or grab some sparkling water to keep things interesting.

Don’t quit the caffeine.

It’s a mild diuretic, but it isn’t sabotaging your thirst-quenching quest, so you don’t have to hit the unsubscribe button on your coffee habit.

Replenish those electrolytes.

You lose water when you sweat, but you lose minerals too. Sports drinks and coconut water help replace lost electrolytes, and may give you a boost mid-workout.

Eat your fruits and veggies.

Lots of fruits and raw vegetables have a high water content, so you can cure the munchies and make moves toward your goal at the same time!

Did you know your hair and skin need hydrating too? You’re not off the hook for drinking your H2O, but the Petal Fresh SuperFoods Get Drenched line utilizes coconut milk, vitamin E, and almond oil to combat dryness and nourish your thirsty hair and dull skin.