Types of Men’s Hairstyling Gels

While many people mistakenly believe that the world of men’s hairstyles is much simpler and more basic than the options available to women, this is actually completely false. The wide variety of hair types and hair styles found on men mean that a wide variety of products is needed. If perusing the options for hair products causes you to feel overwhelmed, read on for a breakdown of some of the popular styling products and how they can be incorporated into your routine.

Hair Spray

Hair spray is a finishing product used to lock a style in place. It’s available in aerosol or pump spray forms, and it comes in a variety of holds. Longer hair does better with flexible hold hairspray, while shorter, stiffer styles need to be locked into place more firmly. Hair spray is used to seal out humidity and flyaways once the hair is already styled.


Pomade is a creamy product used to help create various hairstyles and lock them into place. It can be oil-based or water-based and comes in a few different options for hold strength. It won’t make your hair crunchy and is excellent for curly or thick hair.


Wax is a versatile product that is commonly used on straight or slightly wavy hair. It can come in shiny or matte versions, and it provides medium hold for messy looks or more structured styles. Wax doesn’t harden, making it easy to restyle throughout the day. It’s similar to pomade but has a lighter hold overall.

Strong Hold Gel

Of course, the most common and popular option chosen for men’s hair is gel. A strong hold gel gives you both great hold and high shine, ensuring that your hairstyle stays firmly in place while giving it that glossy, healthy look that works well for most hair. If you’re looking for the best strong hold hair gel to maintain your style, check out the options available through Hair ResQ today!