Top Reasons Why You Should Use Vegan Shampoo

There’s a big difference between decent shampoo and great shampoo. While the former is passable for getting your hair clean, any ordinary shampoo can have some bad side effects both for you and for the environment. The best vegan shampoo, on the other hand, makes a huge difference for your appearance, the look and feel of your hair, the environment, and even your wallet!

If you’re still not convinced that your hair should go on an all-vegan diet, then consider the following list. Here are the top reasons why you should make the switch and buy vegan shampoo.

No Additives

Every shampoo consists of a cocktail of ingredients. However, most ordinary, store-bought shampoos are full of dangerous additives, or at least ones that are unpleasant, the more you think about them.

For instance, many non-vegan shampoo products contain parabens, which have been shown to be rife with side effects on the human body. Silicones, meanwhile, are also common. Ironically, this additive can actually make your hair and scalp worse. Some common reactions to silicones include dry scalp and brittle hair.

Vegan shampoo only contains natural, plant-based ingredients, all of which are great for your hair and don’t have side effects on your health.

Natural Scents

One of the best sensations in the world is standing under a stream of water or enjoying a warm tub, then indulging in the great scent of lathering your hair in shampoo. Except not all shampoos have a decent odor. On the other hand, vegan shampoos have great, natural scents that just can’t be beat.

When you treat your hair with vegan shampoo, you don’t cover your head in artificial fragrances. Rather, you indulge in natural scents that are based on natural ingredients. What smells more like coconut than actual coconut oil? You can’t beat natural coconut oil in your shampoo.

These natural and great-smelling ingredients also happen to lock in moisture, enrich hair for versatility and shine, and so much more. Nothing works better for your hair than the ingredients Mother Nature has made.

Curly Hair

Environmental Benefits

Don’t forget the environment too. Continued disregard for the environment means that the planet could soon lose some of the things that you love, so it’s important for everyone to start caring more about the world around them.

The ingredients in vegan shampoo have amazing environmental benefits that other shampoos just can’t beat. Vegan shampoo manufacturers often purchase their ingredients from sustainable and ethical sources, and support small farms across the world. The artificial chemicals used to make other shampoos can actually damage the planet, long after they’ve rinsed away from your head and done damage there too.

So who can use vegan shampoo? It’s for everyone! Online stores like Petal Fresh sell vegan shampoo for all hair types. If you want to experience the joys and benefits of using real vegan shampoo, shop at Petal Fresh today. You can find shampoos, conditioners, and so much more.