Tips to Avoid the Common Causes of Cracked Heels

The skin acts as a shield to the body that protects us from dirt and infections. However, if it’s injured, it cannot protect the way it is supposed to. Cracked skin is one such condition. Cracked heels are painful, and they are not so pleasing to the eye. A cracked heel is a common foot ailment that affects both adults and children, primarily women.

How Do Cracked Heels Come About?

Cracked heels occur when the skin surrounding the heels splits apart. It becomes dry and fragile and eventually starts breaking.

How Do You Avoid Developing Cracked Heels?

If you have cracked or painful heels, or some thick skin developing around your heels, you must find out the causes so that you can contain the situation successfully. Below are the common causes of cracked pains to help you figure out how you can avoid this condition.

  1. Insufficient moisture is the major cause of cracked heels. The skin around the heels has a small number of sweat glands, which makes the skin particularly dry. You can remedy this using a foot moisturizer to make your feet more moisturized.
  2. Ensure your diet contains vitamin, zinc, and minerals, because deficiency of these components largely affects your heel health.
  3. Avoid spending so much time standing so that you don’t put too much pressure on your heels.
  4. Avoid wearing shoes that expose the heels all the time. If you must, then it is advisable to treat your heels using some foot balm for cracked heels.
  5. Water on the feet can wipe out the natural oils, leaving the heel skin dry and vulnerable to cracks. Avoid standing in damp areas for long, and if you must, apply foot balm to repel the water.
  6. Being overweight increases the pressure on your feet, causing them to expand sideways, eventually leading to cracks.
  7. Avoid footwear that does not fit you properly. At the same time, ensure your feet are always clean.

Knowing the specific situation leading to heels cracking will help you know how to fight and get rid of this condition. Above all, boost your foot hygiene using a foot moisturizer or foot balm. Contact the experts at Petal Fresh SuperFoods to learn more.