Oil Control Shampoo: The Ultimate Solution for Greasy Hair

Are you struggling with greasy, oily hair? Greasy hair is tough to manage, sticks together, falls flat, can smell unpleasant, irritates your scalp, and can even cause acne along your hairline. Whether you have greasy roots, tips, scalp, or all of the above, dealing with greasy hair can leave you feeling frustrated or even insecure.

Don’t rely on dry shampoo or damage your hair with multiple dry shampoo sessions a day. Read this guide to what causes greasy hair and what you can do about it.

Summertime Grease

Some people state that their hair feels extra greasy in the summer. However, this may just be a combination of heat, humidity, and sweat. Oddly enough, some hair-drying products like sea salt spray and texturizing spray that are popular in summer months can actually make your hair feel greasy. That’s because your body will release more oils from your scalp to compensate for the dryness.

Other summertime habits like wearing your hair in a ponytail or covering your head in a hat can make your hair greasier. Whatever the cause may be, you need the best oil control shampoo to help your hair stay clean and grease-free.

Note that summertime habits can cause hair to get oily, but greasy hair can happen at any time of the year. Habits like running your hands through your hair deposits hand skin oils in your hair. And believe it or not, overwashing your hair can actually contribute to more oil and grease.

The Oil Test

Here’s how to tell the difference between greasy hair and healthy, moisturized hair. If your hair looks dull, flat, or limp soon after washing, or if you’re losing hair, your hair may be greasy. Believe it or not, dandruff can actually be a sign of greasy hair. Dandruff happens to those in both hair extremes–too greasy or too dry.

After you wash and dry your hair, dab it with a clean, white tissue. Do you notice dabs of grease? If so, then you have oily hair.

Washing Hair

The Good Shampoo Difference

The best shampoo for oil control will balance healthy, natural moisture with a thorough clean and protection from environmental factors that can make your head feel greasy. Good shampoo for oil control should contain ingredients like acai berries, which revitalize your hair with vitamins, or chamomile, which cleanses hair while also strengthening each strand internally. Keratin and other natural proteins encourage healthy hair growth and balanced moisture.

Products that are volumizing or clarifying, and shampoos that are sulfate-free are great for those with greasy hair. Sulfates and other chemical additions can actually harm your hair and make oily hair worse.

Finding the Best Products

So how can you start making a difference in your hair? Shop online for natural oil control shampoo and conditioner. Look for healthy, natural ingredients that your body craves, not artificial ingredients that harm your body for the sake of getting it clean.

Our online store is full of oil control products made from natural ingredients like fruit and plant extracts to make your hair feel clean, look fresh, and stay balanced.