Men’s Health Month

Hair ResQ cares deeply about not only the health of our customer’s hair, but also their overall health. Today we’ll be discussing the International Men’s Health Week and how we as a community can raise awareness and best help the men in our community live healthier lives. Men’s Health Week, recognized by the white house, asks us to wear blue the Friday leading up to father’s day to raise awareness for Men’s health. This year’s Men’s Health Week focuses on fighting diabetes. As of 2017, approximately 12.7 percent of men in the U.S. have diabetes according to the National Diabetes Statistics Report

In addition to this year’s focus on diabetes, Men’s health week’s purpose is to inspire men to get checked up regularly, screen, and treat early for preventable diseases. Wearing blue on the Friday before father’s day is one way to raise awareness for this cause, but other options include planning a health fair by working with local health groups, participating in a local fundraiser for causes such as prostate cancer, or planning some healthy activities for coworkers or friends such as playing a sport. Resources can be found at the Men’s Health Month website. As a community, we should be working together to raise awareness and foster a community that helps our males access the information and care they need. After researching and learning more about this cause, we at Bio Creative Labs will be participating in the wear blue day this Friday.

The Hair ResQ brand believes in improving the overall health of our customers. Living a healthy lifestyle is important to a prolonged, happier life. Our products promote natural, healthy alternatives to many other hair thickening options. The thickening shampoo or conditioner anti-dandruff is a great example of a product that uses natural ingredients and is sulfate, paraben, glycol free in addition to being vegan.Our Style+Thicken Strong Hold Gel effectively holds and thickens hair without using harmful chemicals. Our products and vision, as a whole, promotes healthy living for men and women alike. We hope you also celebrate International Men’s Health week by wearing blue on Friday!