Learn the Facts About Hair Thickening Conditioners

Hair loss can range from embarrassing to a huge blow to your self-esteem. Nobody wants to lose hair, but unfortunately, that’s a process that most people have to live through.

That is unless you try hair thickening conditioner. The best hair thickening conditioner will make your hair look fuller, healthier, and more vibrant. You’ll look and feel younger, all without having to undergo painful hair plug surgery or trying to cover up your bald spots.

If it sounds too good to be true, then read on to learn the facts about how hair thickening conditioner works, why you may be losing hair, and how to use it.

Hair Loss

Most hair loss in men and women is caused by DHT, or dihydrotestosterone. This compound is made in the body when it releases an enzyme known as 5-Alpha Reductase, or 5-AR. This enzyme interacts with testosterone that naturally occurs in both male and female bodies, then attaches a hydrogen molecule to each hormone. When this happens, the resulting DHT builds up at the base of hair follicles, blocking all blood circulation to the base of your hair. The hair will then wither away and die, and no new hair will grow back to replace it.

Thickening Solutions

So, what does thickening conditioner do to hair that’s plagued with DHT and falling out? Hair thickening products like conditioner penetrate your skin and block DHT molecules at the follicle matrix, or the very deepest root of every strand of hair. When this happens, the conditioner will prevent DHT from cutting off blood circulation to the hair. This prevents further hair loss.

But it does more. By penetrating the skin, it cleanses the hair roots of DHT buildup, even if the hair has already fallen out, freeing blood circulation so that new hair can grow in its place.

How to Use It

Find a great hair thickening conditioner online from Hair ResQ, which can be shipped straight to you when you need it. Use the conditioner daily after shampooing, working the conditioner down to the scalp. Remember, its purpose lies under the scalp, so work the conditioner into the scalp, just not too vigorously.