How to Find the Best Color-Protecting Shampoo

If you pay good money to have your hair colored, you know how important it is to use the right products to make sure the color is vibrant, but that your hair still looks shiny and healthy as well. Choosing the best color protecting shampoo is essential to getting the most out of your color, so here are some things to look for when choosing a shampoo.

Avoid Harsh Ingredients

When you’re checking out the ingredients in potential shampoos, make sure you find a non-sulfate shampoo. While this type of shampoo may not feel like it’s washing your hair as well because it may not foam like other shampoos, you’re still getting your hair clean without exposing your hair to harsher detergents that will strip the color more quickly. You should also avoid ammonia, which can cause issues for your skin and scalp as well.

Think about Natural Ingredients

A natural ingredient shampoo often will not only be sulfate-free, but it will contain other products as well that are beneficial to your hair, like antioxidant-rich ingredients. Vitamin C and Açai in shampoo and conditioner help get rid of free radicals that are known for stripping hair color. In addition, natural oils in these hair products will keep your hair shiny and smooth.

Moisture and Protein

When considering the natural ingredients in the shampoo, look for ingredients that will provide moisture and protein to keep your hair shiny and strong.

Learn about pH

Human hair has a pH of 4.5 to 5.5, so the best way to protect against color fading is to use a shampoo that has that same pH to maintain your hair’s natural pH levels.

Shampooing Specifics

You can also protect your colored hair by not only thinking about which products to use, but how you’re using them as well. Most people ignore the instructions on a bottle of shampoo directing them to shampoo twice. However, this can actually be helpful for colored hair by removing dirt and oil that affects the vibrancy of your color. In addition, don’t wash every day since doing so can actually cause your scalp to produce excess oils. Check out Petal Fresh SuperFoods today to see the many options available.