Hair Serums and Just Exactly How to Use Them

Summertime calls for Hair Serums and lots of them! But do you even know how to use them, or when to apply for the best results? Applying a hair serum acts as a layer of protection for your hair – protection from the sun, pollutants or other environmental damages. Providing your hair nutrients, while locking in each and every strand – here are our 3 favorite ways to apply serums and why.  

On damp hair after washing

Just hopped out of the shower – freshly shampooed and conditioned. Time to style? Your hair has just been cleaned from any natural oils, so give a little something back – SHINE. We recommend using two pumps of our SuperFoods hair serum on the ends of your hair to help lock in that luster. They can also help act as a damage-resistant shield if you choose to style or blow-dry after. 

Pro tip: To keep hair from drying frizzy – use a pillowcase or cotton t-shirt to dry instead of a bath towel. The softer fabric will create less friction and damage for your silky strands.

On dry hair after blow-drying

Add a little moisture and a whole lot of gloss to your freshly dried hair by tousling one pump of our SuperFoods hair serum from roots to tips. Due to the amount of heat and pressure you work through your hair while drying, it’s nice to quickly give life back to your hair with a hydrating serum like our signature “Get Drenched” formula. Superfoods like Coconut Milk + Vitamin E + Almond Oil work together to drench moisture on parched hair. No more split ends and no more prickly flyaways.

On dry hair before styling

On your second or third day without washing? Hair going into some braids and out of your face? To tame flyaways and calm frizz before styling, try adding one pump of our SuperFoods hair serum to the ends of your hair. Start around ear level and gently comb serum through to ends. Wash hands and braid/updo style as usual.

Wondering which serum is right for you and your hair? Take a look at our selection for all hair types: