Color Protecting Shampoo: A Bounty of Benefits

Hair color is a popular trend that looks great on your hair and makes your tresses look stylish. Hair coloring often costs a significant sum, and you want your hair color to stay on longer to get value for your buck. Hair color pigments gradually fade away, losing their vibrancy after the first couple of months. Water, harsh hair products, heat styling tools, and prolonged exposure to sun can cause your hair color to fade away quickly. To protect your colored hair, you need to buy the best color protecting shampoo.

Following simple steps can go a long way in preventing your hair color from becoming dull, and also make your hair look healthy and lustrous. Using hair care products formulated especially to protect colored hair is a great way to ensure that your hair shade remains rich and vibrant. There are many natural and organic companies that sell color protecting shampoo made from nourishing ingredients and herbal extracts. This article lists out the benefits of using a color protection shampoo for your hair.

Hydrates and Nourishes Hair

Most hair coloring is completely safe to use. However, it’s often noted that the chemicals in hair dye can dry out your hair, and make it brittle in the long run. When you have colored hair, you need extra nourishment for your hair follicles so that the beautiful hair color shines through healthy looking tresses. What’s the point of expensive hair color if your hair doesn’t look healthy and shiny? Color protection shampoos made with natural ingredients contain nourishing oils such as Macadamia oil and anti-oxidant rich herbal extracts that moisturize hair and soften hair shafts. Using a color protection shampoo not only helps protect hair color, but also nourishes and hydrates your scalp and hair follicles.

It’s Gentle on Hair Color

Sulfates in commercial shampoos damage hair color pigments, and make your hair color dull with every wash. To make your hair color last longer, avoid sulfate-based shampoos. Color protecting shampoos don’t contain sulfates and other harsh chemicals, hence preserving the vibrancy and luster of your hair color. Read shampoo labels carefully, ensuring you avoid any ingredients with sulfate derivatives. An all-natural color protecting shampoo has nourishing natural oils that prevent free radicals and environmental pollutants from fading your hair color, while giving optimum nutrition to your hair.

Washing hair

Maintains Natural pH Balance

A healthy pH balance is essential to maintain the natural luster of your hair, and the best shampoo for color treated hair will clean the hair without disturbing pH balance. Color-safe shampoos are formulated with ultra-hydrating moisturizing oils such as Coconut or Macadamia oil that will prevent your hair from breaking. Color protecting shampoo is fortified with additional emollients and proteins to keep the cuticle closed so that the color won’t fade. Color-safe shampoo and conditioners also have UV blockers that prevent your hair color from fading away due to sun exposure.

Look for a color protection shampoo fortified with herbal extracts such as Acai extract, which will strengthen your hair shaft and prevent split ends and breakage. Color-safe shampoo reduces dry scalp, which prevents dandruff and other problems.

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