The Hair ResQ brand uses natural ingredients to help your hair appear thicker and voluminous. Elements such as Biotin-B complex, used in our shampoos and conditioners, and PBC Tri-Complex, key to our serums, encompasses the shaft of the hair to build body and increase thickness. Caffeine then prolongs the lifespan of the hair by invigorating the scalp and stimulating hair follicles. Clinically tested peptides, found in the follicle stimulator and maintainer serums, target DHT which if not blocked causes the onset of hair loss. All of our Hair ResQ products are sulfate, paraben, and phthalates free. In addition, our formulas are also vegan, pH balanced, sustainably sourced, color-safe, and cruelty free. Our natural ingredients present a new way to improve the appearance of thickened hair, using elements one could see if they were simply strolling outside.

The Hair ResQ brand promotes a healthier choice for your hair. The use of natural ingredients, such as Caffeine, Biotin-B Complex found in shampoos and conditioners, and PBC Tri-Complex found in our serums, helps thicken hair without using harmful chemicals. We provide a natural alternative, with a variety of products designed to help you attain the hair of your dreams. Although our focus is hair, we’re dedicated to helping our community maintain a healthy lifestyle overall. On this, page we will discuss innovative ways to ensure you are living the healthy lifestyle we know you can.

In addition to providing natural, healthy products, we see the value in ensuring our brand and community as a whole are always in style. We understand that our customers, employees, family, and friends all want to look sleek and stylish, so they can feel confident in their appearance. On this page, we look forward to showing how to maximize the use of our products such as our Style + Thicken strong hold gel and hairspray. We will also be posting about ways to improve one’s style overall to ensure our community looks and feels confident with their hair and appearance. Our dedication to our key categories which include nature, health, and style will lead our customers to a happier, healthier lifestyle.