Beauty Inside & Out

“Beauty is only skin-deep,” the saying goes. It’s true in the abstract sense, because a person’s physical appearance doesn’t reflect their character. But it’s not true on a literal level—your skin absorbs the beauty products you use on it!

SuperFoods in your diet

We know it’s important to eat well and include lots of fruit and vegetable superfoods in our diets. Their high vitamin and mineral content helps our bodies feel and function their best. That kale and chicken salad might not be as delicious as a bowl of ice cream, but you know you won’t feel sluggish and bloated after eating it. In addition, you’ll have the energy you need to hit the gym later instead of crashing when the sugar rush wears off! But are you paying the same level of attention to what you put ON your body as you are to what you put IN it?

We’re all guilty of it: we reach for the cheapest shampoo, or the body wash that smells best, or the face scrub that promises the fastest results. What we don’t consider is that the vast majority of the products on the shelf are full of harsh chemicals that strip skin and hair of natural moisture and vibrancy. And the damage doesn’t stop there! The chemicals permeate your skin and seep into your bloodstream and lymphatic system.

SuperFoods in your beauty routine

Enter Petal Fresh SuperFoods: the new vegan, paraben- and sulfite-free line of beauty products for hair, body, bath, and feet. It combines the superfoods your body loves (like kale and açai) with powerful supplements and targeted treatment ingredients. The result? An elevated self-care experience that optimizes your health from the outside in! All-natural, organic shampoos, conditioners, and hair serums repair damage, shield color, restore moisture and radiance, and eliminate frizz. Shower milks and treatment butters hydrate skin, promoting elasticity and firmness for a smooth, even appearance. And don’t forget your feet—they need love too! Smoothing Soles foot scrub and Healing Heels foot balm soothe rough, cracked heels and calm itchiness and irritation.

You might not be able to change your external appearance, but you can treat it with care and respect! Use Petal Fresh SuperFoods all-natural hair and body products to nourish your hair and skin with quality ingredients for optimal health. Knowing you’re giving your body the very best will inspire the kind of confidence that shines from within and makes you feel truly beautiful!