Advantages of Using Vegan Shampoo for Damaged Hair

Vegan shampoo is a relatively new product available to the public. You might think the term vegan shampoo sounds strange. Who eats shampoo, anyway? Does nonvegan shampoo contain meat, milk, or other animal products?

Believe it or not, vegan shampoo is rarer than other types of shampoo, but it’s the most beneficial to people of all hair types. But it’s especially helpful for those who suffer from damaged hair.

Whether their hair is so dry it’s become brittle, it’s exposed to high heat at salons or from home blow dryers, or has been colored, hair can be stressed to the point that it looks unhealthy. Don’t ignore your hair’s styling needs or your active, outdoor lifestyle just to save your hair. Turn to vegan shampoo for a natural cure. Here’s what you need to know about the best vegan shampoo, including its amazing advantages, and where to shop for real vegan hair care products.

Natural Ingredients

Vegan shampoo shirks harsh chemicals and artificial ingredients in favor of all-natural, plant-based ingredients to which your hair naturally responds. Vitamin C-rich argan oil shampoo, naturally moisturizing shea butter shampoo, and other vegan products get to the root of your hair care needs. Turn to vegan products if you need anti-frizz shampoo, shampoo to repair split ends, and other restorative solutions for daily use.

Best of all, vegan shampoos are great for the environment because they don’t use harsh chemicals that pollute waterways and other natural ecosystems. What’s good for the planet is good for your body—like fresh water and sunshine—and especially all-natural shampoo.

Gentle Use

Vegan shampoo is gentler on the hair and scalp, so you don’t end up with a harsh feeling, dry scalp, or experience any other problems after shampooing. You can even use vegan shampoo more often. While hair care experts recommend that you only shampoo every couple of days to prevent hair damage, vegan shampoo is softer and gentler on your head, protecting each follicle for lifelong beauty. Powerful, natural botanical ingredients are behind this shampoo that even sensitive scalps can handle without side effects.

Young woman washing head with shampoo

Healing Properties

Vegan shampoos only contain animal-free products—no goat’s milk, no honey, and no testing on animals. But what’s left are the truly beneficial ingredients, like argan oil and acai berries, that nourish your hair and scalp. If your hair is damaged due to chemical treatments or high heat, soften it and heal it with all-natural shampoo that contains ingredients that are good for your body, inside and out. Nourish damaged hair with ingredients straight from Mother Earth. Real products like coconut oil repair and restore hair better than anything concocted in a laboratory for other, harsh nonvegan shampoos. Keratin shampoo gives hair a natural glow because keratin is a restorative nutrient that’s good for your insides as well as your hair!

Shop Online

You can shop online for vegan shampoo at great prices. Grocery stores and pharmacies tend to carry chemical-enriched products that are nonvegan and anything but natural. Shop online to try a small bottle to test its effects. Then, once you’ve seen the damage-repairing effects for yourself, you can buy large quantities, so you have enough for daily use and to share with guests. Vegan shampoo by Petal Fresh SuperFoods is the best solution for your hair, whether it’s damaged, dry, or just needs some all-natural care.