A Guide to Using Hair Conditioner the Right Way

Everyone knows that hair conditioner is great for keeping your hair healthy and looking gorgeous, but not everyone applies hair conditioner correctly.

Using Conditioner

The label on your conditioner will give you a step-by-step process for application, but there are some general guidelines that you should always keep in mind. Conditioner can’t be properly used on hair that’s too wet. If your hair is sopping wet, the conditioner will simply slide off. The result is literally flushing your conditioner down the drain, rather than having your hair receive its benefits. Ring out your hair first and then apply the conditioner.

Always use the correct amount of conditioner. Too much is wasteful, and too little won’t be adequate for your needs. Conditioner on the scalp and roots often leads to over conditioning. It’s best to apply the conditioner to the ends of your hair, which is the most damaged part. Try to keep your conditioner fairly even. You can run a wide-toothed comb through your hair to ensure it’s applied evenly.

Give your conditioner enough time to settle in. A rinse-out conditioner should only need a minute or two. A conditioner that’s designed for deep treatment will take several minutes longer. After you’re done applying the conditioner, it should be rinsed out thoroughly. You should rinse until there’s no slippery feeling left in your hair.

Choosing Conditioner

Using the right conditioner is just as important as applying it correctly. Colored and treated hair is typically weaker, more damaged, and needs more specialized conditioner. If you have colored hair, be sure to select a conditioner that’s formulated for color-treated hair. The bottle should specify that it’s for colored hair, and you’ll often see it labeled as an intensive or repair conditioner.

If you have very fine or thin hair, you should use a volumizing conditioner. You’ve probably seen volumizing shampoo as well. Similarly, volumizing conditioner helps provide body to your hair and make it look and feel fuller. Always read the label carefully to make sure that the conditioner you’re buying is well-suited to your hair type. As you grow older or begin treating your hair differently, your conditioner needs can change.

Woman with Long Brown Hair

Benefits of Conditioner

Using conditioner provides several benefits. Running your fingers or a brush through your hair should show you one of the most obvious perks. It helps to improve detangling, so you can comb and style your hair more easily. This is especially great for anyone who typically has trouble with tangles. Going hand-in-hand with detangling is the smoothing effect. A silky feel and appearance are two of the main reasons people love well-conditioned hair.

Hair conditioner makes your hair look shiny. Perhaps even more importantly, conditioner seals in moisture. This prevents your hair from appearing or feeling frizzy. It also prevents future damage from happening. Although it might surprise you, hair conditioner can protect your hair from the effects of static electricity. The added softness is one reason that many people swear by conditioner. Softer hair simply feels and looks amazing.

For anyone with thin or fine hair, a thickening conditioner is a great choice and should always be used as instructed. Speak with the experts at Hair ResQ if you want to learn more about the best hair thickening conditioner and how you can have the greatest hair of your life!