A Guide to Finding the Right Hairspray

Choosing the right products for your hair is about more than just choosing the closest bottle on the shelf and hoping it will get the job done. What you put in your hair will directly impact its health, strength, and appearance, which can dramatically affect how you look and feel. The right hairspray can make or break your style, so read on to learn about the various types of sprays, which will best suit your individual needs, and how to use them effectively.

Types of Hairsprays

Before testing or committing to a particular hairspray (or just grabbing any old hairspray off the shelf), it is helpful to have an overview of the types of hairsprays available on the market. For example, if your goal is added texture or shine, a thermal spray won’t get the job done.

Traditional hairsprays are used to hold styled hair in place, but hair technology has come a long way, so your hairspray probably has many more features than that. If you are looking for a spray to set your style, you’ll need to find one that has the right “hold.” Flexible holds allow you to use them while working with your hair, and you can typically still run your fingers or a comb through the hair. Strong hold hairsprays are used to freeze the style in place, which is excellent for styles that you don’t want to fall out of place.

Other types of commonly used hair sprays include thermal sprays to protect your hair from heat tools, volumizing or thickening sprays that make hair appear fuller, texture sprays like dry shampoo that add volume and texture, shine sprays that finish your look with added glossiness, and various types of finishing sprays that may have a compilation of qualities.

Consider Your Hair Type and Style

Once you know what each particular hairspray claims to do, you need to consider your own hair type, how you typically style your hair, and what you want to accomplish with your hairspray. For example, fine hair styled into an updo will have different needs than if you have thick, curly hair that is being flat ironed.

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Scents, Ingredients, and Other Considerations

Of course, based on your own priorities, there are other considerations to take into account when selecting hair products. The scent, ingredients used, price, whether or not the product is cruelty-free, packaging, whether the spray uses a pump or aerosol nozzle, and other details may make one product more appealing to you than another. Our fantastic Style + Thicken Strong Hold Hair Spray uses clinically-tested peptides that not only help style your hair, but also thicken it.

How to Use Your Hairspray

Once you have selected and purchased your hairspray, make sure you are using it for maximum effectiveness. Hold the bottle at least 12 inches from your hair to prevent stickiness and hair clumping, keep the nozzle clean for a fine mist, keep the bottle in motion to create an even coat of spray, and use your fingers to shake out or move your hair as you spray to reach all parts of the hairstyle rather than just the surface.

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