A Buyer’s Guide to Choosing the Right Hair Thickening Shampoo

Many people experience thinning hair for various reasons such as diet, age, and changes in the products they use. If you have thinning hair, you are not alone. You may want to alter your hair care techniques, and shampoos are a great starting place. Here is a guide to choosing the right all-natural hair thickening shampoo.

Consider Your Hair and Scalp Type

Before you pick an all-natural hair thickening shampoo, you must know what the shampoo does and how it correlates with your hair and scalp type. For example, if your ends are dry and your scalp is oily, then it’s best to pick a natural ingredients shampoo that has oil control which can help cleanse and rebalance your oily scalp versus sulfates which can ultimately damage your hair in the long run.

Common Types of Hair

Typically, these are the most common types of hair people will find themselves with:


Oily hair is an excess of sebum that leaves behind a greasy residue. The best way to fix this naturally is to utilize a natural product that contains lavender, tea tree and ylang ylang that helps cleanse the excess oil without stripping essential moisture.


Normal hair is an even balance of dryness and oiliness that is not overly frizzly or fine. You will need an equal ratio of solvents and conditioning agents.


If your hair is frizzy, you must have high amounts of conditioning agents to add moisture and smoothness. There are cleansing conditioners that contain a small amount of mild surfactants to assist with lifting dirt. Cleansing conditioners will give your hair a large amount of moisture while gently cleansing it to keep your hair cuticle smooth.


If your hair has thin strands, you will benefit from polyquaternium which makes your hair appear and feel thicker. When you use shampoos that have film-formers such as propyl silanetriol and hydrolyzed wheat protein, your hair will feel heavier since these ingredients enhance the diameter of your hair shaft.

Chemically Treated, Dry, or Damaged

You must use a moisturizing product if your scalp produces less sebum or if you have dry strands because of chemical processing or heat damage. A thickening shampoo that has natural ingredients such as rosemary and lavender provide moisturization and softness so that your hair looks and feels healthier.

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