5 Tips to Get Rid of Cracked Heels Fast

When your heels catch on your socks, you know you’ve got a problem. When the skin on your heels is so dry you can peel it off you know you’ve got trouble. When your heels are so cracked and dry they hurt, it’s time to figure out a solution. Whether your cracked heels are a result of living in a dry climate, a skin condition, or age, you can get rid of this irritating skin condition. Try one of these five tips designed to get rid of cracked heels fast.

Give Feet a Break

If you have a job where you’re on your feet for prolonged periods, you put pressure on your heels. If you’re carrying too many extra pounds, your feet bear much of the extra pressure, but your heels take most of it when you stand or walk. The extra pressure combined with dry skin can cause cracking of the skin on your heels.  If possible give your feet a rest throughout the day. Put your feet up during breaks. Wear comfortable shoes with good support. These measures provide relief for tired feet. Add in a foot balm for heels, and you’re on your way to much-needed relief.

Wear Socks

Exposed skin, especially during the dry winter months, tends to be drier than usual. Wearing socks protects your heels from harsh conditions in your home. When the furnace runs day in and day out, the inside air and your skin get quite dry. Going barefoot in your home only makes your heels more susceptible to drying and cracking. Consider applying foot balm like our Petal Fresh Superfoods Healing Heels Softening Foot Balm and then putting on a pair of hydrating heel socks. It’s an instant spa treatment for your heels.

Use a Pumice Stone

Many people who suffer from dry and cracked heels also have calluses. Untreated calluses can lead to cracked heels. When you buy foot balm, consider purchasing a pumice stone as well. After treating your heels with the balm, gently rub heels with the pumice stone. Pumice stones help remove dry skin, but they also reduce the thickness of calluses. Be careful when using products to remove dry or thick skin on your feet. It’s possible to rub too hard, which can worsen your condition. Also, if you have diabetes, you should not use pumice stones. You can use foot balm to moisturize but always let podiatrist take care of exfoliating or removing calluses.

Soak Your Feet

Soaking feet in warm water for about 20 minutes is another helpful tip for softening cracked heels. You can add a mild foot soap, but plain water is also fine. After soaking make sure you use a generous application of foot balm for cracked heels. You can also use your pumice stone after soaking if you’d like. A foot soak is great for softening skin, but it’s also relaxing for tired and aching feet. It’s a mini-spa treatment you can put together quickly right in your own home.

While You Sleep

Before going to bed apply a generous amount of foot balm for cracked heels. After applying the balm, put on a pair of 100 percent cotton socks. Why cotton? Cotton helps skin retain moisture. Cotton also allows the skin on your heels to breathe, which is important for healing the cracks. Using balm by itself is certainly effective, but the socks are added protection. They also keep your sheets from getting stained by any oils that may be in your foot balm.

If you’re tired of dealing with dry and cracked heels, let Petal Fresh Superfoods help you with one of their luxurious foot balms. Shop with them today and put your heels on the road to recovery.